Raccoon Creek Project Updates!!

Do you ever wonder what's going on with the reclamation and treatment projects (past, present, and future) in Raccoon Creek?  Well, here's the scoop as of December 1st, 2011! 

Don't forget to check out the 2010 NPS report for complete project details including water quality data (click here).

New Projects - In Construction NOW!

West Branch Harble Griffith Phase I
This 30 acre reclamation project in southern Hocking County is scheduled for completion in Spring 2012, and is funded in part by an Ohio EPA 319 Non Point Source (NPS) Grant.  Please visit the
project page for photo galleries and frequent updates.

  Orland Gob Pile Reclamation
This 5 acre reclamation project in northern Vinton County is still scheduled for a fall 2011 completion, but the extra wet conditions have delayed construction considerably.  The contractor is still hoping to finish this year, but may need to put the finishing touches on in spring 2012.



Maintenance Projects
Completed projects are constantly being monitored for effectiveness.  When a project is no longer working at its maximum capacity, maintenance may be needed.

 East Branch Phase I
Originally completed in December of 2007, the East Branch I projects, located in southern Hocking County, consist of 7 sites throughout the EB210 tributary of the East Branch of Raccoon Creek.  Maintenance will consist of valve replacement, slag addition, pipe extensions, and inlet/outlet stabilization.

 Flint Run & Lake Milton 
Two large projects in Little Raccoon Creek, on the Broken Arro Wildlife Area in Jackson County are getting some much needed maintenance this fall and into spring of 2012.  The slag beds at both sites will be stirred, pipe extensions, new slag if needed, and valve replacement.  The discharge water from the Flint Run East slag bed, which now flows though an open limestone channel before reaching the AMD tributary (losing much of the alkalinity on the way), is being piped to help maximize the amount of alkalinity reaching the receiving tributary.


Upcoming 2012 Projects
2012 will be a busy year!  Not only will be above projects be finalized, but construction will begin on several other projects throughout the watershed.

Middleton Run Reclamation Project Phase I
This large reclaim project in Jackson County will most likely be a multi-phase, multi-year project.  The source control project will consist of draining acidic strip pits, re-grading and capping the spoil to prevent water from coming into contact with highly acidic coal spoil, then re-vegetating the area with a wildlife seed mix.  Currently, landowners have been contacted, and designs are being finalized.

 Lake Latrobe Phase I
Also located on the Broken Arro Wildlife Area in Jackson County, this strip is going to be drained.  An unusual situation, the water in the pit is of decent quality (5-6 pH, and low metals), however, the pit has no outlet, instead, the water seeps through the spoil dam of the pit, and leaches out the other side with a pH of 2-3.  The draining of the pit will be the first phase of this project, if water quality still seems to be an issue, treatment will be added as a second phase.

 Flint Run East Wetland
Another project on the Broken Arro Wildlife Area, the existing wetland located downstream of the Flint Run East and Lake Milton Treatment Projects will be enhanced.  The project will consist of installing limestone berms, and strengthening existing beaver dams to expand the wetland, increase residence time, and precipitate out more metals before reaching Flint Run.