Watershed Education

2005 Zaleski State Forest Cleanup - Lookout RockSince the inception of a watershed project in Raccoon Creek, education has been a main focus.  Over the past decade educational programs have been developed by watershed staff and partners to engage and educate watershed residents, students, recreational users, and local and regional organizations. Watershed education and outreach efforts are critical to make and keep water quality improvements. Currently, one of the primary objectives of the Raccoon Creek Partnership is to promote and conduct watershed education and outreach programs. 





Water Science Education
RCP is offering hands-on water science education presentations to local schools and libraries this winter and spring. Our exploration activities are aimed toward grades 2 - 6 and range from individual classroom sizes to multi-grade assemblies. However, we are willing to accommodate any grade level interested in environmental presentations. Please contact us for more information or to schedule a visit.

Volunteer Monitoring
The Raccoon Creek Watershed is 683 square miles and water quality issues are far and wide.  The watershed partnership is not able to monitor or assess every stream in the watershed and therefore needs your help! Contact us if you would like to volunteer your time.


Community Programs
Canoe floats, Trash Pick-ups, Stream Sweeps, Watershed/Project Tours, Public Meetings/Presentations


K-12 School Programs
Many opportunities exist for working with the Raccoon Creek Partnership to do class presentations, field trips, monitoring days, science fair projects, and more. Topics to consider include acid mine drainage formation and treatment, understanding watersheds and water quality, and the aquatic life of Raccoon Creek.   

Higher Education Programs
Watershed restoration efforts in Raccoon Creek have always been heavily dependant on using student research to accomplish our water quality goals.  Ohio University graduate students have completed numerous research projects on acid mine drainage in the watershed.  Many of these thesis studies have led to successful AMD restoration projects and improved water quality in Raccoon Creek.  We have also partnered with Ohio University, Hocking College, and Rio Grande University for class projects and internships. One of the RCP's goals is to encourage and foster research related activities so contact us if your looking for research or class project ideas!

The Raccoon Creek Partnership produces educational materials targeted toward members, landowners, and partners.  These include keeping this website up to date, publishing bi-annual
newsletters, and some water quality project specific publications.