Raccoon Creek Management Plan

Under the Clean Water Act of 1972 the purpose of watershed plans is to restore and maintain the chemical, physical and biological integrity of stream segments that do not currently meet water quality standards.  The Raccoon Creek partners have developed a long-term strategy for restoring the creek and educating the community about water quality. This plan addresses restoration efforts for impaired stream segments in the watershed as well as issues that local citizens have identified through an extensive public involvement process. Download the 2003 management plan and appendices by clicking the links below. The Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print these documents.

Management Plan (615 KB)
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Presently, management plans for each of Raccoon Creek’s five, 11 digit HUC watersheds are being updated to comply with the new (2007-2010) watershed coordinator grant.  As the plans are completed and endorsed, links will be available.

Watershed Action Plan: Raccoon Creek Headwaters to above Hewett Fork Watershed